Anton De Pasquale and Tony D’Alberto – No. 11 Shell V-Power Racing Ford
Race 31 – DNF (Fastest Time: 2m06.818s)

Will Davison and Alex Davison – No. 17 Shell V-Power Racing Ford
Race 31 – 10th (Fastest Time: 2m06.633s)

The conclusion of the 2021 season at the Repco Bathurst 1000 and it wasn’t our day.

Will Davison had initially qualified in P8, however a post-qualifying penalty was applied to both Erebus cars for being underweight, bumping up Car No 17 to P6. Car No 11 started in P2.

D’Alberto and A. Davison started the 1000km season finale. Both drivers had excellent starts off the line, D’Alberto was able to beat Holdsworth to turn 1 and take the lead. A. Davison also got a great start and was able to jump up into P4 going into turn 1. Holdsworth stayed close to D’Alberto and regained the lead at The Chase on the opening lap and Tander was also able to get by, dropping D’Alberto to P3.

The drivers settled into the rhythm of the race, on lap 8 Slade passed A. Davison for P5.

The Safety Car was deployed for the first time on lap 17 after Car No 44 was caught in the gravel at turn 1. The first pit stops of the race happened during the Safety Car, with Car No 11 coming in first for fuel and tyres only. Car No 17 had to double stack for fuel and tyres. After the Safety Car period, D’Alberto was P3 and A. Davison was P18.

On lap 20, B. Kostecki passed TD for P3 and Waters passed D’Alberto shortly after, putting him in P5.

On lap 37, A. Davison came in for his second stop and W. Davison got behind the wheel of his Shell V-Power Racing Team Mustang for the first time in the Great Race. D’Alberto shortly after came in for his second stop and hopped out of the car to make way for De Pasquale. Both cars were serviced with fuel and tyres.

After 48 laps, De Pasquale was in P5 and W. Davison was in P13.

Car No 17 stopped on lap 50 for another fuel drop and a new set of tyres. On lap 54, Car No 11 stopped for a new set of tyres and a splash of fuel.

With over 60 laps of racing complete, the two Shell V-Power Racing Team Ford Mustangs were P5 and P8 respectively. On Lap 71, De Pasquale passed Car 99 for P3.

W. Davison came in for the fourth compulsory pit stop on lap 72, swapped out with A. Davison. He was serviced with tyres and fuel, and the crew completed the compulsory brake change. De Pasquale came in on lap 75, where D’Alberto got behind the wheel for his final double stint. The crew serviced Car No 11 with tyres and fuel, as well as new brakes.

The racing stayed clean, and the Co-Drivers completed their minimum number of 54 laps by lap 92. On lap Car No 17 came in for one final driver change on lap 95. The crew serviced Car No 17 with new tyres and fuel as well. Car No 11 came in for a driver change on lap 98. De Pasquale jumped in and was serviced with new tyres and fuel. S

The Safety Car was again deployed with 56 laps to go. W. Davison came in for tyres and fuel under Safety Car. At the restart of the race De Pasquale was in P4 and W. Davison was in P11.

With 52 laps remaining in the Great Race, Fullwood went wide at the last corner and opened up an opportunity for W. Davison to go past for P10. Two laps later, W. Davison was able to get past Goddard for P9. De Pasquale was having his own battle with Mostert with 51 laps remaining, he was able to get past, but two laps later conceded the position back to Mostert.

The Safety Car was deployed for the third time on lap 113, with boths cars coming in for pit stops. Car No 17 had to double stack during the stop again and on release out of pit lane was pinged for an unsafe release, resulting in a five-second time penalty.

Shortly after the Safety Car restart, Fullwood pushed De Pasquale wide at the last corner, dropping him three positions. W. Davison jumped up one position to P9 due to De Pasquale going wide.

Eight laps after the third Safety Car, J. Kostecki hit the tyre bundles at Forrest Elbow deploying another Safety Car. Car No 11 came into pit lane for a pit stop during this Safety Car period for tyres and fuel. At the Safety Car restart, W. Davison was in P8 and De Pasquale was in P16. W. Davison had an excellent restart and was able to pass Slade at The Cutting for P7.

W. Davison made his final stop with 24 laps remaining and he served his five-second time penalty at the end of the stop.

De Pasquale experienced a mechanical failure at The Cutting with 22 laps remaining in the race.

The Safety Car was again deployed with 19 laps to go when Feeny hit the wall at McPhillamy Park and got beached in the sand at Skyline. The race restarted with 17 laps to go.

W. Davison and A. Davison finished the Repco Bathurst 1000 in P10 and De Pasquale and D’Alberto did not finish.

“Weird old Bathurst 1000, we were having a decent run in the top 3 for the most of it. A few things didn’t go our way and the mechanical issue late in the race ended our campaign. Today wasn’t our day.”

“I was absolutely thrilled to get the start, that was a real highlight, because it is probably the highest pressure start of the year. We were trucking along nicely in the race, and I felt good in my stints.

“Unfortunately, the day didn’t pan out how we’d like, with a mechanical failure at the end, it just wasn’t our day.”

“It was a tough day for us, I gave my heart and soul today. The two double stacks cost us, but that is what happens when both drivers are so competitive.

“I’m disappointed for the Team as the result doesn’t reflect the effort put in by everyone.”

“We were battling with the car balance from the beginning of the race, it was a little bit inconsistent. The engineers were working really hard to help fine tune the balance throughout the race. We were quite quick during bursts in the race, we just struggled to maintain the competitiveness all day.

“In the end, the two double stacks really affected us and something that unavoidable when you have two cars so competitive and close in the order. Disappointing to get the five-second time penalty and without that I thought we could’ve been a top 5 car today.

“Everyone worked extremely hard this weekend and over the last six weeks. It was a privilege to be part of the Team and I really enjoyed the Great Race.”