Q & A: Fabian’s Shakedown

Q & A: Fabian’s Shakedown

Q: First day of the year on-track, shaking down your brand-new car. How did it play out for you?

Fabian: The car ran faultlessly. The boys have done an awesome job building the new car for this year, and I couldn’t be happier.

Q: Does it make a difference having a new car? Does it change your outlook?

Fabian: It’s awesome to have a new car. Scott got the new one last year, the year before that when I arrived at the team I had new one, so it was my turn. Scotty’s car is still in pristine condition, and it’s certainly nice to have that new car smell.

Q: What was the plan you ran through today?

Fabian: Today was just about a systems check to make sure everything is fine before we go to Sydney next week. We ticked that box, everything did everything as it should so now I’m looking forward to next week.

Q: Good to be back on-track after a couple of months off?

Fabian: It’s been a good off-season, but certainly not low-key with the two new babies! It’s been nice to be a dad and have quality time with the kids. I’ve been able to help Beck out a little bit too, which was good. I’m ready for the season to start, though!

Q: You ran a few laps in Todd Hazelwood’s ex-DJR Team Penske Matt Stone Racing Falcon, how did that go?

Fabian: That was just a systems check for them, just to see how it compares to our car. I could have jumped from one to the next and not known the difference.

Q: Does the Team’s performance last year provide a good platform to launch into 2018?

Fabian: I’m looking forward to not having as far to walk to get to our truck! Seriously though, we had an awesome year last year, winning the Teams’ Championship was definitely a box that we all wanted to tick. We came close to winning the Drivers’ Championship with Scotty, so hopefully we have given ourselves the best shot for this year. Starting from this end of pit lane should hopefully make things a bit easier in qualifying, when we’re out of sync and trying to get out of pit lane. We lost a few positions that way last year, so hopefully it will swing in our favour.

Q: You have a new engineer for 2018 in Mark Fenning, who’s been with the team for a long time. How did that go for you?

Fabian: I’ve worked with mark quite a bit over the last couple of year. He hasn’t been my direct race engineer, so to talk to each other over the radio today and get a feel for one another has been a good lead-in to next week’s test. You adapt and adjust, we’ll continue to learn about each other, but from the get-go it’s been really good.

Q: Looking to the test day next week, the first proper hit-out of 2018. New tyres again, how important will it be to set a tone for the rest of the year?

Fabian: It will be good to get an understanding of what it will be like. Hopefully we’ve been able to fine tune our cars over the break, and introduce some new parts. I’m just looking forward to evaluating it when everyone is there on the same day.