DJR Team Penske Media Release

DJR Team Penske Have Reviewed Mclaughlin Speeding Penalty With Supercars Staff

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA (December 20, 2017) – Officials from DJR Team Penske and members of the Virgin Australia Supercars technical staff met recently – at the request of the team – to review data related to the penalty issued to Scott McLaughlin at the Newcastle 500 for exceeding the pit lane speed limit.
DJR Team Penske tabled data that showed that the #17 car was not speeding in pit lane, as noted in a previous media release.
While both parties respect each other’s position, the timing loops remain the best measurement method currently available to the judicial system for the rules to be enforced and policed in a timely and fair manner.

As stated previously, DJR Team Penske accepted that the outcome of the Championship cannot be altered, but the team felt it has a responsibility to seek clarity and to ensure the methods used to enforce pit lane speed limits going forward are as accurate as possible for all competitors.